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Drag and drop videos, images, surveys, and more to create targeted playlists.

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Save Time and Money
Let manage the grunt work of presenting the same material over and over again. Let your sales teams focus on the important aspects instead.
Increase Conversions
Your salespeople will have a clear idea of what the prospect is interested in and what demo content they have viewed before reaching out, which helps convert leads into qualified sales opportunities at a much higher rate.
Real-time Analytics
Understand how your customers are interacting with your sales demos in real-time. Be able to intervene at anytime you wish by setting up real-time chat or calls.
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How It Works

Add Videos and Other Resources
Add bite-sized videos and images, or even custom HTML as the basic building blocks for your sales demo.
Add Your Videos and other resources
Create Surveys and Lead Capture Forms
Create Surveys and Lead Capture Forms
Use's intuitive survey builder to create lead capture forms, feedback collection, and more
Build Your Demo
Use our intuitive demo builder to drag and drop videos, images, surveys, and custom html components to create a targeted product demonstration
Track and Analyze Your Leads
Track and Analyze Your Leads
Email your custom demo to potential leads and track their every interaction including how long they viewed the demo, when they quit, and what their engagement was like
Make It Yours
Embed it into your own site with just two lines of code to allow for unobtrusive demos, showcases, and on-boarding tutorials
Make It Yours


Targeted Sales Demos
Create the most targeted presentations built specifically for your target audience. With's simple drag and drop story boards, create a customized flow exactly how you want it for your customer type.
Targeted Sales Demos
User On-boarding and Training
User On-boarding and Training
Embedding simple explainer videos in your website or SaaS product which can help get your customer up to speed as quickly as possible without the hassle of coding up a complex tutorial or guide.
Outbound Pitches and Landing Pages
Don't have a website? No problem. creates a custom url for your presentation that you can share with others. Simply have them go to the designated url while tracks analytics for you.
Outbound Pitches and Landing Pages
Here's what others have to say
Nick Chang
Co-founder at Honee has been so vital in our sales process. Given the entire sales cycle from SDRs to AEs, has added value for every step of the way. And absolutely the best part of Stagelight is being able to give a bite-sized and personalized demo to buying groups while not needing to rely on an internal champion's interpretation.
Alec Jones
Engineer at Wordparrot is awesome - it helps us integrate easy and quick demos throughout our site without needing to code lengthy guides / tutorials. Surveys also help us with lead capture and feedback throughoutout different areas. The analytics offer a fantastic transparency on the prospect's interaction with our demos, allowing us to improve the way we position the product. The platform is intuitive and easy to learn. You could have your first experience ready in a couple of days and ready for market.
Stephanie Houng
Sales Manager at Bonmo
As a B2B marketer, it was a huge challenge to postion our products not just externally but internally as well across our entire sales team. Stagelight gave us the ability to refine our persona profiles, gather a fuller picture of the entire buying group through the share feature and provide an engaging digital experience. And the service is absolutely stellar. They helped us every step of the way even though it was above and beyond the call of duty.
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